Veggie Sandwiches

Useful for preparing a healthy lunch for work the night before…

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One thing that I was still using plastic for was to store greens in the fridge. I could not figure out another way to keep them from going limp and icky. Then I saw this image of lettuce in a jar and… oh DUH! I’ve been keeping EVERYTHING in mason jars all year! Leftovers, bulk bin basics, homemade juice – so why not veggies and greens?

This revelation was timely in that it coincided with my hubby’s decision to start taking veggie sandwiches to work with him. He can precut the lettuce, bell peppers and cucumbers. So in the morning he packs his Greentainer with:
-Iceberg or romaine lettuce
-Green bell peppers
-Banana peppers
-Salt & Black pepper
Next he places the insert into the top of the container, and smooshs in two slices of whole wheat bread. He fills a smaller Greentainer with potato chips…

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