Weekly Travel theme: Birds

Fantastic bird shots for this week’s themes.


Birds are magnificent creatures – and who would not want to be able to fly? Birds are generally difficult to catch on a photo, but sometimes I’m lucky. Some of my best opportunities for photography was at Walsrode this summer, where I had a wonderful day together with my dear old friend, Anita, at the worlds’ biggest bird park in Germany.

So, Birds is the travel theme, and I will mix Walsrode with my own garden and Scarborough.

And I can assure you… Håkan sounds exactly like a duck…Totti loves him. When Totti was newly arrived 5 years ago he had a “Håkan” in his mouth – a toy rabbit. Unfortunatley Mille got hold of Håkan several times and there wasn’t much left of him after some weeks. Finally Santa brought Totti a new Håkan this Christmas! What joy!

If you want to know more about the kite, see my…

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