Monday Mystery Photo – Where in the World are We?

Where in the World are we today?

This Church is a site of pilgrimage for many of the area’s people and one of the largest for many miles.



Last week we were outside the flower power capital of Australia: Nimbin, Northern New South Wales.  The ‘Nimbin Rocks‘ are volcanic extrusions of Rhyolite left over from a Volcano that erupted around 20 million years ago. Nimbin Rocks are located just outside the present day caldera wall about 20 kilometres from the site of the original volcano and three kilometres from Nimbin Village itself. They are an extremely significant cultural site to the local aboriginal people, the ‘Bundjalung‘ tribe, who believe the rocks were home to the Nmbngee, or Clever Men. They were also the initiation grounds for young Aboriginal boys, and as such are culturally sensitive.

For those wanting to ponder more about this area:



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4 Responses to Monday Mystery Photo – Where in the World are We?

  1. suzjones says:

    Well the church is obviously not in Australia. 😉


  2. 2wisemonkeys says:

    Have no idea where you are but wherever you are, it is gorgeous but making us…brrrrrr…. cold, looking at it!


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