Tutorial on painting freehand Telemark Rosemaling for Scandinavian festival

This was my second top post for the year. The top post was a photography theme I posted just the other day so I thought it better to re-post No.#2. There are a few people out there wanting to learn these old traditional painting methods, or so it seems. Was my tutorial helpful?
Something to ponder about.

Something to Ponder About

Norwegian Rosemaling

This weekend marks the 140th anniversary of a Scandinavian Association or club in this state. To mark the occasion, there is a street festival tomorrow and I have been given charge of a stall. Being primarily a painter, I have been busy preparing some items for sale and I decided to share the development of a Telemark Rosemaling project with you.

Telemark Rosemaling is but one of the various styles of traditional decorative painting of Norway. This art form reached its zenith in the early 20th Century, shortly after Norwegian independence, when a revivalist movement popularised everything that was Norwegian. It’s actual origins date back to the Renaissance baroque art forms and the acanthus leaf seen in religious art. In the geographic isolation of the Norwegian valleys and rural areas,rosemaling as a new art form slowly developed into individual styles that differed  from each other, according to the valley or…

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