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Floral Friday Challenge (when it is saturday!)

Floral Friday

An excuse to post some of my favourite floral pics is not needed:


New Zealand 20132

Europe 2011second batch 013

Gazing at photos of some of my favourite flowers, is the next best thing to seeing them for real.

Something for the eyes to feast on and the mind to ponder about today.

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9 thoughts on “Floral Friday Challenge (when it is saturday!)”

  1. I totally agree Amanda. You need no excuse to post these gorgeous flowers. Great shots hon! Love them. 😀 *hugs*


  2. Nooooooo excuse needed! You just made me very, very happy with a great smile on my face and my mind soaring…absolutely lovely! So much needed in the darkness here. Thank you!


    1. Aww! My pleasure! It is nice to know that my photographs bring smiles to other people. I used to have the daisies as my screensaver pic on my phone. Ironically, I have a winter picture now. Maybe the subconsciousness trying to keep me cool in this heat!!LOL


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