7 Things to Know Before You Go: Australia Edition

For anyone contemplating a trip to the wide brown land…

Heron island 2


My favourite, and possibly the only joke I know, goes like this.

What’s the difference between yogurt and Australia?

Yogurt has culture..

As funny as I think this joke is and as much as I am itching to escape my homeland, I can see the appeal Australia has for travellers. Where else can you give our national animal, the kangaroo, a scritch under the chin and then eat it on a burger for lunch. I CAN confirm that Australia does have the long white sand beaches, great surfing and we do cook up a great BBQ on occasion.  You might even be lucky enough to snag yourself a hot Aussie surfer, although they aren’t as common as you would think (also, a lot of them are major douchebags).

Having lived in Australia for the past five years I thought I could offer the Australia-bound some advice. Here is my…

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