Monday Mystery Photo – Where in the World are We?

Where in the World are we today? Can you recognise this cityscape?


Last week we were way up north at 64.7500° N, 20.9500° E in Lapland. Swedish lapland in fact. This beautiful cathedral is located in the Gulf of Bothnia, at the small but delightful city of Skellefteå, in the province of Vasterbotten.  Vasterbotten means ‘west of the gulf of bothnia’ and is the large body of sea that separates Sweden and Finland.


This amazing Church is a site of pilgrimage for many of the area’s people and one of the largest for many miles. At the moment, I can not find any information on the web about when it was built so I will have to conduct some research of my own.

My Swedish friend tells me:

It was built in 1799. We call it “landskyrkan” or Skellefteå landsförsamlings kyrka.

Skellefte ( as it affectionately known) is a city with a population of 30,000 inhabitants, famous for its giant birches, located in Västerbotten, which means “west of the Gulf of Bothnia.”

Another beautiful photo of the church is found here

Just how many people trekked for miles in the snow to pray here, is something I ponder about when looking at this photo. A set of wooden cottages were especially constructed for the pilgrims to stay in whilst visiting this sacred site.


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