WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Window ( and a Lingering look at Windows)

WordPress Weekly challenge is Windows: one of my favourite subjects. They provide a window to and from one’s world. And if you have been reading this blog, you will also know snow and ice are a recurrent theme. Take a look:

stigs konditori


DSC00808Something to look through today. What do you see?

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52 thoughts on “WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Window ( and a Lingering look at Windows)”

    1. I hear Perth is due to get 44 degrees today, but I guess that is tempered with lower humidity than Queensland. And looking at these photos seems to momentarily trick the mind into thinking cooler!


          1. πŸ™‚ THe wind is blowing here at 120km an hour- I had to stand still with both feet on the pavement . Picking up one leg to go on walking felt as if I would blow away! This was 9pm to let Trompie go for his last walky- He took his time again tonight!


            1. My goodness, if you had to work to stand still, how did Trompie go? He must have been like Mary Poppins umbrella! Flying high! I hope it settles soon. We have been to a schnauzer breakfast.


              1. He is lower to the ground than me! Puts his nose into the wind and waits till I can move on again! How many Schnauzers were at the breakfast? I think it must be wonderful to have them around you πŸ™‚


              2. All the schnauzers you see in the photo plus one giant, who stirred up a bit of trouble on account of his size and being ‘entire’ so the boys saw him as a threat and started a few dominating postures!! It is wonderful to have them all, We are just comparing pedigrees and discover most of them are related in some way…bar one or two.


              3. Well, they are not that closely related. My girl’s great grandparents are the same as another ones grandparents. One is a great aunt to another. These dogs are not breeding dogs but are older and only family pets. Well maybe the giant may still have pups, I don’t know. There are not so many standard schnauzers around anymore. But I do see your point. They need fresh blood lines.


              4. All in the line of breeding with them!
                In SA there were not many mini Schnauzers, was very hard to get them. When I bought my one male Bobby the breeder did not want to sell it to me because I wanted to breed with him! As a pet it was okay not as a show dog or as a breeding dog! This was All in the closed group of breeders. Bobby’s Father was imported from USA – the breeders did not want competition.
                Going into showing and breeding dogs gives you lots and lots of problems with jealous breedres


              5. Yes I see some of that in the breeders in the facebook group. They aim to preserve the breed and protect their breeding line, but use that as a cloak to deter competition.


  1. Love the look of the icicles, although I am glad to be away from them now. I am formerly from the Midwest and now live in Portland, OR. Rarely do we see icicles where I now live, although I grew up with them in Illinois and Wisconsin.


    1. I have only ever seen them this long in Scandinavia. Funny how those of us that grow up with the cold weather, long for the heat, and vice versa. I have lived with sub tropical heat, so love the icy climates. Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Beautiful shots Amanda. Lovely to look at it when it’s so hot here..hehehe
    Thanks for sharing. πŸ˜€ *hugs*


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