New Zealand – Oriental Bay

It is said that you can’t beat Wellington on a good day, and really, you can’t. The beach and harbour-side is so accessible from the city, it is ridiculous.

Croc Bikes at Oriental Bay, Wellington, New Zealand New Zealand 2013

Oriental Bay, Wellington

You can choose to stroll along the 3 km or so promenade, relax by sitting on the beach wall and eating ice cream, or perhaps fish n chips on the beach, or as I did, ride a ‘Croc Bike’. I know these bikes as ‘Silly Cycles’ in Surfers Paradise, Australia, but basically it is a fun way to ride around with a few people, under a shady canopy along the promenade area. A family of islanders/maori with flowery shirts crammed 8 people in a croc bike and crossed our path singing and playing guitar, making for a very festive “tropical mood”. Young kids made the most of the good swimming conditions, by leaping off the bow of  the floating seafood restaurant (converted ship), yet for me it was too chilly to take a dip.


Oriental bay also has some stunning houses overlooking the water, and reminiscent of what I have seen of San Francisco, on TV.. (never having been there, of course)

Day 3 Te Papa, Beach and Wind energy

Day 3 Te Papa, Beach and Wind energy

I particularly liked the scenic nature of the boating sheds, or at least I think that is what they were.

New Zealand 2013 176

The croc bikes took us to the old ? lighthouse near the ferry to Eastbourne, but that was our destination the next day. So, we turned around and later walked back to the city along Kent Terrace, and the main street of Wellington, along which, I believe, all the Hollywood/Wellywood celebrities walked the red carpet to the Art Deco themed Embassy theatre, for the premiere of The Hobbit, and previously, The Lord of the Rings movies..

Embassy theatre, New ZealandStrange art installations along the Wellywood street

New Zealand 2013 212

Well, it is Wellywood, so they capitalize on it…

I have yet to see The Hobbit….

Something to ponder about one day.

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