Mindfulness is a secret to a stress free life

Some tips for those of us battling negative thoughts to ponder about.

Lavender Reflections

This excerpt is from a Ruby Wax interview on mindfulness. Ruby Wax is an actress and a comedienne, that at the height of her career was betting depression. Mindfulness is what helped her come out of it.

Here are Wax’s 14 tips for a happy, calmer, more self-assured and focused you in 2014. “Working out your mind is the new working out in the gym,” she says, oblivious to the fact her mobile is going insane in her handbag. “If you haven’t discussed how you’re feeling before, this year you will be.”

Find your braking system
This is what mindfulness is all about. When you’re in high anxiety mode, feeling stressed out, your mind racing and your heart pounding, focus on something in the present: a sound, taste or smell. By becoming aware of what’s around you, you will calm down and can focus more. You’ll have to experiment to…

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