Wordless Wednesday-‘Rogue’ Elephant


Remember the recent story of an elephant in Kruger Park being put down because he attacked a car?

Click the link below, watch the video and make up your own mind regarding who was at fault.


This photo was taken at 85 mm focal length….reasonably close to mother and calf.

Everything we did was at the behest of our guides who put the safety of their clients and the animals as their first priority.

I found the link to this story on

Africa Geographic.

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4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday-‘Rogue’ Elephant”

  1. Appreciate seeing this photo, it says everything about the strength and power of an elephant, and the unfortunate poor judgement of some people with wildlife. The outcome, post video, was upsetting. If only those folks could have just moved on when they saw they were upsetting the elephant.


  2. I saw this on bulldog’s blog and was furious. Left a comment here on Kruger Wildtuin’s video : Kruger National Park Idiots – Please Obey the Kruger Park Rules


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