A Word in your Ear: Undulate

A Word in Your Ear has given us Undulate, for this week. These photos of the striking hills north west of Wellington, New Zealand came to mind. I could not stop looking at them. Oh, to have this view every day!

New Zealand 2013 133They look like piles of icing sugar with artificial grass rolled out on top.

New Zealand - Porirua

New Zealand 2013 118Undulating: to move with a sinuous or wavelike motion; display a smooth rising-and-falling or side-to-side alternating motion.


Te Mata Peak near Hastings also has striking undulating characteristics, but yet, I am still fascinated with the Whitby -Porirua hills….

WhitbyNew Zealand 2013

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Something to ponder about.


10 thoughts on “A Word in your Ear: Undulate

  1. Aha, a photo from Te Mata peak. How did you manage to get up there. I just can’t drive up even though the view is fantastic but I just can’t look down. 😀 Great photos of NZ and our undulating hills. 😀


    1. Thankyou. The road up there is hairy. My cousin who was originally from Hastings drove up. We had to wait for a bus to arrive until we got clearance to go down. There was a signal person at the top with a two way radio. Stunning views and so glad I went up there. NO guard rails, was a bit frightening.


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