The Viking’s Jötunvillur Runic Code is Solved

Something to ponder about.

Runic Text Bergen NorwayOn this stick from the 1200s found in Bergen, two men named Sigurd and Lavran have written their names both in code and with regular runes. This helped runologist Jonas Nordby to solve the Jötunvillur code.

For the first time, the Jötunvillur runic code is cracked. It can help to solve the mystery of the Vikings’ secret codes.

Why did the Vikings use codes when they wrote runes? Was it a secret message or other reasons that they encrypted runic texts? This, we still know little about.

But runologist Jonas Nordby think he may be one step closer to the solution. The rune expert has managed to interpret a code called Jötunvillur which for years has puzzled researchers.

The discovery could help us understand the purpose of the codes.

– It’s like solving a riddle, Nordby says to

– Gradually I began to see a pattern in…

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