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Travel theme: Yellow

Ailsa at the always interesting Where’s My Backpack has given us the travel theme of Yellow. Immediately, it reminded me of the yellow houses one sees in Denmark. “Skagen” yellow to be precise.

103_0337 - CopySkagen is a town in the very northern tip of Denmark, a  favourite place for 19th century Scandinavian artists due to the light found there. Read more about Skagen’s yellow quarter here

103_0343 - CopyThe old classrooms also were painted skagen yellow it seems.

Click on the above images to enlarge.

Skagen yellow, my subject for Ailsa’s travel theme for this week.

Pondering whether to join in? Here is how:

  • Create your own post and title it Travel theme: Yellow
  • Post a comment here so I can find your link
  • Include a link on Where’s my Backpack – Yellow in your post so others can find it too

23 thoughts on “Travel theme: Yellow”

  1. I see what you mean by partial…We love yellow houses as well here in Sweden, but Denmark, I believe, has got the most beautiful ones. They are built in a special way as well. Here in Skåne we have the same kind but not generally in the rest of Sweden. Funny that my contribution is also from Denmark!


        1. Ah I gotcha drift! There are a only a very few buildings here that have employed the use of that wall technique, timber framing and wattle and daub infill then plastered. But one never sees thatched roofs here. The thatched roofs are so quaint. That certainly struck me when I visited Denmark. The magnificient thatched roofs. Interesting how in Norway, one sees slate roofs, and hardly ever thatch.


          1. Yes. I guess it has to do with the materials being there , being available. Denmark and Sweden are more agricultural than Norway. in Norway they sometimes have grass roofs.


            1. The turf roofs, yes they are also very interesting. They must date back to Viking times, as I saw some of them in Mosegard, Dk, (pic in gallery) and it is a testament to how resourceful people can be, at using whatever materials you can find around you. In South Australia, it was so dry, there was very little trees for the early settlers to use to construct houses, so they used stones to make their cottages. 🙂


  2. I have some of my own shots of that yellow. One of my personal travel highlights was standing on the beaches at Skagen where the North Sea and Baltic meet. We were there in January (!) but it was a mild January.


    1. OOh, that sounds wonderful. I am planning on visiting that same spot in June/July. Was it very windy?? Denmark is a wonderful place and I would very much like to see your photos if you post them.


      1. There was a bit of a chilling wind as I recall. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a digital camera then – and my shots are not as memorable as the trip. We went because a close friend was getting married – we stayed with her cousins and had a wonderful time being ferried about. There were a lot of laughs on that trip.


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