Dragon Loyalty Award

Irene Waters from Reflections and Nightmares has awarded me the Dragon Loyalty Award, and I thank her most sincerely for that.

I am a little unsure exactly what the award’s criteria are, or why I deserve it, except that there are certain conditions attached. I have received other awards before, put a lot of effort  into addressing the conditions of the award, then later found out that most recipients did not accept/reciprocate/did not like the “strings attached.” Therefore, while I do accept and appreciate the award as well as answer the questions asked of me,  I do not expect the recipients mentioned below to comply with any conditions. (there is a copy and paste link but no pingbacks)  If they wish to reciprocate and nominate blogs of their own, well and good, but if not, hey, that is cool too.

Seven interesting things about me:

  1. I am a eighth generation Australian, yet I am Danish.
  2. I was a wiz at humanities at school but a clutz when it came to Sport.

  3. I have seen more of Norway and Denmark than I have of my home country, Australia.

  4. My family has been traced back to Olaf Fris, a teacher and clergyman, who was born in 1620.

  5. I met a friend when I started Nursing training, who was born in New Zealand, and found out 32 years later that I was related to her via marriage through a Swede!

  6. The happiest days of my life have been when I found out I was expecting a child and when I landed at Kastrup airport for the first time.

  7. I love the rain, fog and cold winter days, and hate the sun and humidity. (I am not a Goth, mind you!)

Surprised? Just as you thought? Something to ponder about?

In accordance with the award, here are 15 blogs. These are some of the blogs I follow regularly (in no particular order, some who have made recent comments on my blog):

















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