Look Up, Look Down Challenge, Week 26

Te Mata Peak, Havelock North, New Zealand. Hang Glider launch pad


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Looking up and down and pondering somethings.


Look Up, Look Down Challenge, Week 26

14 thoughts on “Look Up, Look Down Challenge, Week 26

  1. Great minds think alike. Do you do it? I took one look and felt sick but they do look as though once up it would be quite idyllic and having seen from the launch site a taste of what they see I imagine it would be a wonderful sight from up there. But I am going to keep on imagining.


  2. Darn, well, me ,,,,,can’t tell me to stay off a ramp that was built for my passion lol….. i will take a few steps on that ramp any time! to bad its all da way over in NZ.an…..2 bad ya weren’t there a day when the kids were flying ! 🙂 lotsa fun even to watch!… Q


      • hang gliding and paragliding for years, since bout the creation of the sport, but since i gotz to be too old i had to join the senior citizens club and now i fly the motorized versions, the Ultralight Trike,,,are some links to my photos and blogz i me werld here under hangliding adventures 🙂 My passion is Sailplanes but i cannot afford one,,so i fly the trike instead 🙂 is a snowmobile engine basically under a hanglider wing 🙂 take care,,,, will lewk forward to seeing some photos of the NZ guys flying ifn ur round there agin.take care Q 🙂


  3. I live here in Hastings but am not brave enough to go up Te Mata Peak very often. I can’t even stand driving up. My husband had a 1969 Cadillac de Ville (Boss Hogg’s car) and took us up in it one day. Hairy, not just for us but for poor unsuspecting drivers coming in the opposite direction. Great photo. 😀


    • You live there in Hastings! Did I tell you my family way back were pioneers in Havelock North, one of the original Danish families. My Cousin grew up in Hastings and by a quirky twist of fate, my friend here in Australia (but adopted in New Zealand) found her biological mother in Hastings as well. You would know Rush Munro’s ice cream parlour! We stopped there after we went up Te Mata Peak back in early December! Te Mata was pretty hairy and I could not believe there were no guard rails along the side. We had to wait for the bus to come up before we could go down. Spectacular! How long have you lived in Hastings, Raewyn?


      • I have lived in Hastings for 13 years now. I actually was born in Kawerau and then at the age of 2 we moved to Auckland. After training as a nurse I went overseas and then lived in Austria for 11 years. After divorcing my Austrian husband I came back to Hastings with my two young children as my family had moved down here. I live just down the road from Rush Munro’s ice cream parlour – literally. What a small world we live in. 😀


      • Certainly is a small world. Whereabouts in Austria did you live? I loved that country when I visited two years ago. As a cold climate person, the fact that you can get about in winter and go skiing at lunchtime if you choose, is a luxury I would love to have.


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