Fredrikstad Hosting The Tall Ships Races 12 – 15 July 2014

This is a wonderful town to visit. I have been fortunate to visit in both summer and winter. The old town us a hubbub of activity in summer with art exhibitions and markets, bands. Glass making demonstrations and weddings and other festivities.

“Statsraad Lemkuhl” - Proud Norwegian Sailing ShipThe three-masted barque “Statsraad Lemkuhl”, built in 1914, is one of the proud vessels that will participate in The Tall Ships Races. 

The beautifully located Fredrikstad, last host port in 2005, is once again a host port for the 2014 Tall Ships Races. Being the second time this historic town will host the races, it promises a social and cultural program give every crew members and visitor the ‘experience of a lifetime’.

The Tall Ships Races is the world’s largest sailing ships event and are designed to encourage international friendship and training for young people in the art of sailing. The races are held annually in European waters and consist of two racing legs of several hundred nautical miles, and a “cruise in company” between the legs.

Each year about 70 – 100 big and small sailing vessels and 6000 crew members are participating in the event. The regattas are…

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