A Word A Week Photo Challenge: Frame

A Work A Week Photo Challenge: Frame

Join in with ‘A Word in Your Ear’s weekly photo challenge – Frame’ here.
The ‘Grotto’s’ unique rock formation, found along the Great Ocean Road, in Victoria, frames the view out to the ocean perfectly, as well as the tourist making his way back in, after posing for the shot. Some people  take extreme risks, with the ocean! This area is renowned for unpredictable tides and waves, and there are warnings not to walk along the beach, or pass a certain point, as in this photo, in case you get stuck on one section as the tide comes in. for then, there is no where to go as the cliffs are unstable and impossible to climb.

The photography frames the relentless and powerful Southern ocean which lies within the ‘Roaring Forties’ latitude. The wind and currents can be treacherous.

How many tourists risk their lives to get that ‘photo?’ Something I pondered about, when taking this photograph.


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