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Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

Port Fairy

Abandoned: The very word conjures up feelings of desolation, despair and a sense of giving up.

Port fairy Abandone barn

In rural Australia, there are many signs of abandonment, and this is but one. Oftentimes, the relic of a house or barn, is a tin roof, or sometimes a brick chimney and no roof. For me, these abandoned buildings whisper sad tales of their own. This bluestone barn is a little different and withstood the raging winds coming off the brutal southern ocean with its ‘roaring forties.’



One can also sense abandonment in the Icelandic countryside where many generations lived through grinding poverty, battling the bleak Arctic winter on many farms, that are now abandoned leaving houses and entire villages filled only with memories and ghosts.



An abandoned farm house on the Icelandic ring road, supposedly, the most haunted place in Iceland.

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Some moments of history to ponder about.

The Daily Post has fun weekly photo challenges here.

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24 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned”

  1. That first building reminds me of the latrines we used to go to after being at the rifle range in SC. Soldiers smoked in there and it was so awful smelling, it could open up your sinuses. I remember the odor to this day.


      1. No, not blue stones but gray. To give you a visual, there were two triangular wood boxes set up with 8 holes in each as a toilet. They had lids and you’d go in to do your business. To open those lids only make the latrine that more unpleasant. I couldn’t get why the soldiers tolerated smoking in there, which added to the stench. I can’t tell you how I dreaded the need to urinate with that being the only place to go.


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