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This makes me so Angry – Abhorent exploitation of Third World Workers

Do you buy products from The Gap, H & M, Walmart and The Gap?

Do you realise what dangerous practices you are supporting?

Do you realise that people, primarily young girls suffer as a result of us in the western world wanting to wear some clothing that may look stylish or has a “brand” name.

After many workers in Bangladesh died a horrific death in a clothing factory fires, 3 1/2 million factory workers protested to increase their wage from 29 cents an hour to 35 cents an hour. And The Gap refused. The police were called and more girls will die, just so we can choose to buy clothes that feather the corporate giant’s nest egg. Do they give back? Do they improve conditions? Is their only legacy: Greed?

I am so angry….

Something to ponder about and take action today. Do not buy these products!!! Take a stand with you wallet and your consumer choice. Exert pressure on the companies and tell them why!


6 thoughts on “This makes me so Angry – Abhorent exploitation of Third World Workers”

  1. I don’t buy from them. But you cannot be completely sure whoever you buy from, of course. The world is ugly – or rather – mankind is.


    1. Absolutely, Leya. Many pieces of clothing do not have a brand name but still exploit child labour or treat workers like they are sub human. And the demand from the west drives the factory owners greed.


  2. Reblogged this on A bite from life's apple and commented:
    Every single one of us should be thinking about the impact of cheap clothing on labourers across the globe. Most of us buy these items without even realising that we are adding to this problem but once you have heard the message you can no longer plead ignorance.
    Why don’t we rather spend a little more on fewer items? Buy better quality that lasts longer. Make something yourself – see just how long it takes so that you value the labour put into making that pair of jeans you wear, that favourite dress you go partying in.
    Please take 9 minutes out of your busy day to learn and understand why people are out there protesting on our behalf to make lives better.
    What if this was your daughter, or mother – how much effort would you put into fixing this?


  3. Thank you for showing us this. We all need to understand how much it costs others for us to live the wealthy lifestyles we have. I am saddened by how little we learn from our past, but I am happy that there are people out there trying to do something about it.


    1. Yes it is good to focus on the fact efforts are being made to change but it still persists in many areas. Dissemination of info can aid awareness of the issue.Thanks for taking the time to comment.


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