Monday Mystery Photo – Where in the World are We Today?

Each Monday I post a photo from a location around the world.

If you think you know the location of this photograph, please leave a comment and if you are correct, I will link back to your blog the following week.

Last week we were in Kathmandu, Nepal, or more precisely, Patan, a city that lies 5 kilometres outside Kathmandu proper. This is thankfully, is a World heritage site that gives Nepal some sorely needed foreign currency in the form of tourist dollars. As for the name of the temple, I am not sure. I visited this place in 1985 so whether it is Mul Chowk or Taleju Bhawani Temple – perhaps some one can tell me? I do know that the many armed wrathful blue figures are extraordinary carving in wood. And it was the seat of the Royal Nepalese court and the Malla kings: who reigned over the so called Golden age of Nepal for many centuries. Some parts of the temple complexes on Durbar square are Hindu sites and as such, photography is not allowed. This temple, being Buddhist allowed photographs.

temples temples patan1

This country should really be on everyone’s to do list. It really is a very different and unique travel destination, and I have maintained very special links with this country ever since. Nepal touches your soul….

As for the Monday Mystery: Christopher over at Something for Pok came close when he thought the photographs were from India, but most Nepalese would incarnate as a many-armed wrathful figure, if one was to suggest that to them!! That is something for the Nepalese to ponder about.


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