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Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge Week – Week 8 Mirroring Effect


Week 8 of the Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge hosted by weliveinaflat and firebonnet 😉

This challenge asks you to (1) share a good photo that you took or edited last week, (2) run it through a photo app on your smartphone or mobile device and share the result. The theme is Collage but includes the feature – Mirroring.


redcliffebridge (1)

Pic 1 –  Photo of the Week taken with a smartphone


Pic 2 –  The theme this week is Mirroring, and I took this photo with the reflect effect on Camera app MX. I think it works nicely on this shot and displays convergence!!!



Join in and post your own photo for this snappy H’appy Photo challenge.

Go to , grab the challenge badge and link your post. Also list it on the co-host sites. (Firebonnet)


14 thoughts on “Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge Week – Week 8 Mirroring Effect”

  1. Structurally interesting for a mirroring subject 🙂 I agree that it is generally easier to take the picture with the app effect on as a preview, than to take the picture and mirror it later 🙂 It’s more fun too! 😉


  2. Convergence… what a wonderful word to use for the mirrored image. It is really beautiful. The harmony of the beach and wharf doubled is really nice. I love the tall lights as well! Great response to the challenge.


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