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A Lingering Look at Architecture: April ~ Yellow Houses!

Yet another fun challenge. Yellow houses…. now this did attract my eye. Is there a ‘love’ button, as I could not just ‘like’ this post by  The Day After.

This is week three of the month’s theme : “Your Favorite Color Homes” in which we are encouraged to share some of the colorful homes captured on our travels or our neighborhood.

You won’t find many yellow houses in the Australian neighbourhood,


but in Denmark: this special yellow is known in some parts as “Skagen Yellow” and my family’s ancestral home “Faergebo” was – yellow!

Sønder FeldingIsn’t it a beautiful home?

and there’s more in the Dutch – Danish fishing town of Dragør:


and still more, in many villages from Christiansfeld to Odense:

But you will find some yellow architecture in old time Sweden too, like here:

Gamla Stan
Gamla Stan

More often, you find red houses in Norway, but then again if you look closely, you will find the Danes had a bit of an influence there too:


Join in here

Something Yellow to Ponder About

21 thoughts on “A Lingering Look at Architecture: April ~ Yellow Houses!”

  1. oh oh OH!! Thank you for the info on Skagen yellow! I was JUST trying to describe how much I loved the yellow houses on Scandi Tv shows but totally lacked the proper descriptor! Now I can text my family members (we had a big discussion at Easter Brunch about Danish homes) and look real smart! 😉
    Thank you!
    ps. your ancestral home is gorgeous! Has it stayed in the family?


    1. I am glad to spread the word about dansk homes. Faergebo is not directly owned by my family anymore but it is such a small village that almost everyone there has some distant connection way back in their family line. Nice to hear from you Karen.


    1. Yes I agree. But it has to be the right shade of yellow, if it has any pinky tones, it can be awful. But the bright sunny yellows, are absolutely underused and oh so cheery. They make me feel at ease and happy. Thanks for visiting me and your lovely comment.


      1. You’re right. The Danes are really onto something here. It reminds me of a particular yellow watercolour paint… Naples Yellow! I loved using that one.


        1. Yes, Naples Yellow. I use that a lot as blended as a highlight or as a liner colour for embellishment. But that is acrylic paint. It would be interesting to see the watercolour version. Do you paint in watercolours?


          1. I used to, but it’s been years. I just remember always wanting to find uses for Naples Yellow because I loved it so much haha. Windsor and Newton makes the one I used to use. It’s such a gentle colour.


  2. Thank you for linking me in, Amanda…. I love Skagen Yellow too, and your pictures took me right back to my beloved great small country. (and that’s the nicest thing anyone can do for me 😉 )

    Liked by 1 person

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