Like it or Loath it – Challenge by M.R.


Something happened to my wordpress account and this never got posted. What the hell? I will post it anyway…

The challenge on M.R.’s blog is to like or loath Liver…. what a challenge:


Liver –

never see ya,

never want ya,

never feel ya,

B12 or no B12.

Tasteless, like a  mouth stuffed with chalk

Imagine chalk on the palette…

Liver offal – the word so apt,

for something so unwanted.

that one cannot live without it…

Something I won’t be pondering about anytime soon.


6 thoughts on “Like it or Loath it – Challenge by M.R.

    1. Actually, I can take it or leave it. When I was younger, I hated it. But I know now that it was because my mother cooked it too long, and it was tough and leathery. Someone convinced me later on to give it another try, and I have to admit I found it much more tolerable. Not that you will ever hear me begging for liver, but if I went someplace and it was being served, I wouldn’t have to come up with an excuse to leave before the meal. 😉

      I think the surgical thing would put me off as well.


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