Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge Week 2 – HDR and Saturation

HDR – filter. Do you use it?

Employing it with some photos in my library did not work. Subjects looked over bleached, or suddenly developed a halo, however it did successfully bring out the features that were normally darkened. The image I have chosen, came alive with the HDR effect in Picasa, even if it wasn’t an entirely natural effect.  I felt like the snow was suddenly within my reach.

with HDR

Photo 1: Without HDR filter


w hdr
Picture 2 – With HDR Filter in Picasa

It certainly brings out the features that I wanted in the photograph. I am quite happy with this although,  I did have to find try a few before I reached this point.

Thanks for the challenge, from weliveinaflat and Meghan from Firebonnet.

Hdr filter
HDR filter

In another photo that I almost used, the mountains were better defined, with the HDR filter, but it wasn’t the best photo choice.


Some photo effects to ponder about

6 thoughts on “Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge Week 2 – HDR and Saturation”

  1. It certainly makes the snow glisten, but agree with you that the effect can be tempered down a little so that it looks more natural. Not sure if picasa allows you to do that though so I don’t use Picasa myself 😉 Thanks for checking out the previous weeks’ topics as well!


  2. I just love the HDR affect in the photo with the snow. It really gave a three dimensional feel to the image. Snow is really hard to photograph in the grey light but it popped out with the filter. 😀


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