Leaves with water drop
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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Leaves and Trees

A favourite photographic subject of mine. Everyone in the Northern hemisphere is looking to the Spring, however, being me, I just HAD to include at least one winter tree photograph, or two, for Cee’s Challenge.

Beach Grass, Caloundra


New Zealand, North Island


Birch in Snow
Swedish Birch in Snow



Noosa National Park

Part 7 - Munich to Salzburg Nov 29, 2011

Vejen, Denmark
Vejen, Denmark
Look at this amazing tree, complete with its own squirrel!
Look at this amazing tree, complete with its own squirrel!
Sunshine Coast
A tunnel of trees, Sunshine Coast



Springbrook National Park
Springbrook National Park
Waringa Pool, Springbrook




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Something for the shutterbugs to ponder about

9 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Leaves and Trees”

  1. Love ’em all, Amanda – except for ‘Frozen in Austria’, which doesn’t resolve. I remember that tree with it own squirrel ! 🙂


    1. Resolve? Can you see it M.R.? I had some trouble trying to edit and scale the size of the photos and one disappeared entirely but only to other viewers, yet I could still see it. Oh the mysteries of WordPress.


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