Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge Week 1 – Light Bokeh

Photo Editing is a field I know little about and being involved in this challenge will be a good way to upgrade my skills in this area.

Week 1 of this challenge co hosted by weliveinaflat and Firebonnet revolves around the use of effects of light, or bokeh (rhymes with okay for those who are ignorant of this Japenese term up till now)

The Bokeh effect should enhance and not distract from the photograph.

I used Picsart to add a Bokeh type lens effect to this photo:


An improvement on the original which you see below:

The original had already been adjusted a little through VSCO Cam App with a C1 preset effect, which turned the pitch black night sky a bluish hue, which I feel allowed more depth.?????????????????????????????????????



Something to Ponder about.

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