Week 4 Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge – completed

Week 4 is complete yet I am determined to use this fantastic opportunity from Weliveinaflat  and Firebonnet to learn more about photo editing. Collage cut outs can be useful to add family members in to a photo that missed out on being in the photo or to add a bit of fun, as I did here. With Moldiv, one uses their finger to manipulate the cut out, which is not as precise as a pointy tool, but hey, it is a learning process and fun!

Completed photo of cut outs. 3 giant schnauzers on the beach that day.....
Completed photo of cut outs using Moldiv . Three giant schnauzers on the beach that day…..
Week 4 Snappy H'appy Photo Challenge - completed
Original photo used for background
Collage cut out original #2
One standard schnauzer about to become three giants!

Photo editing Moldiv – stamp editing – some effects to ponder about…

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2 thoughts on “Week 4 Snappy H’appy Photo Challenge – completed

    1. Ok thank you so much. I just wasn’t sure that my links would still be found. Thanks ever so much for the challenge. Still working on final week and week 5. Light Leak effects are a real big challenge to find the right photo.


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