Travel Theme – Purple

Giardini di Villa Melzi

Ailsa’s Travel theme – Purple

Singapore Purple
Singapore Purple

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Some Purples to ponder about, or is it magenta, lilac, or violet?




15 thoughts on “Travel Theme – Purple

  1. Terrific hydrangeas, Amanda ! – I can never remember if it’s more or less ,.. erhmm …[whatever] thaty ou put in the soil to get that beautiful colour … (dolomite ?)


    1. Ah – I fergut about you and all that travelling.
      I don’t think about it in case of being seized with jealous rage. 😀


    2. Now, this is REALLY interesting !
      Remember that I whinged about your ‘Likes’ line’s being too far to the right, and over-running your sidebar ? It looked fine to you, I know; but I never saw your site looking as it should.
      Well, now it’s FINE !!! 🙂


    1. Interesting you say that Jo. There are some flowers, for instance, Gerberas, that people rave about and can look stunning in photographs, but when I see them, I think of elderly ladies and prefer other blooms….
      Thanks for commenting and visiting me here.


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