Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers

Many things can fit within another…. not just Matroyska dolls either

Europe 2011second batch 006

All the following photos were containers for people. People who smuggled people from East Germany to Berlin during the Cold war, via Checkpoint Charlie and are now in the museum in Berlin.  It is a sobering thing to ponder about…. in the photo below you can see the “dummy” squashed into the boot space of this little car. Desperate people squeezing their way through desperation. I admire their determination and tenacity. 2011second batch 701Europe 2011second batch 690 Europe 2011second batch 691 Europe 2011second batch 695 Europe 2011second batch 696

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By Forestwood

Scandinavian culture, literature and traditions are close to Amanda's heart, even though she is an Australian. Travel broadens the mind, so Amanda travels whenever she can. She is an avid crime fiction reader, and enjoys travel photography, writing and a variety of crafts, and traditional art forms. Politically aware and egalitarian by nature, she has a strong environmental bent. Take a look and say hi!

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