Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge: Black and White

Old world Home baking

My contribution to the challenge by Sally from Lens and Pens – Black and white photography always gives an historic slant to pictures. Shot with my Nexus 4 phone camera.

And fewer people make their own snacks. Kitchen reality shows have contributed to cooking gourmet meals, but home bake for children, comes more and more from a plastic packet, as being discussed by Karena at the blog: Living, learning and Letting go.

Something wholesome to ponder about.

Recipe on request!!!


17 thoughts on “Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge: Black and White”

  1. Pikelets ?
    Website comments: now the site is too wide, and a horizontal scrollbar is forced into being !
    Your button is missing from where you tell us to grab one.
    Other than which, all is well. 🙂


        1. Yes I could if I was motivated enough and I may be… tomorrow. I feel I am still dealing with jet lag atm. The other possiblity that might explain the problems is that I stubbornly kept my old format as it was a customized platform, and vaguely remember a prompt to update if I chose. I did not choose as it reminded me that I could not change back, and atm to change the whole format would be a pain in the proverbial…


            1. I have looked at the themes and decided to change as I am convinced it is my old customized header that is upending everything as the new themes don’t appear to be customized in the new version.


  2. Great post, the image with your commentary, especially because the monochrome helps the capture take us to the past when homemade was the only way. Homemade is always my choice. You and I could talk volumes about the benefits. Something “wholesome” indeed. Happy Photo Challenge.


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