Phoneography and other Non- SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge – Nature

Sally at Lens and Pens runs a wonderful Phoneography Challenge each week with a different theme. This week is Nature.

Sally gives out useful tips for phoneographers and this week detailed the effects of Snapseed – a camera app for iphones and android users.

I used the Snapseed app to enhance the following photo and increase the saturation to  make it more authentic. On the Nexus 4.

You are looking at the city of Trondheim in the distance. Trondheim in Norway, that is…

Trondheim from Lian Restaurant

Sally also has a pens section and today I have added a short verse to highlight the subject matter.


Earthly Life:  the ‘Pilgrim’s way’,IMG_3449 (1)

Arrive at Trondheim forthwith to say,

“This town, this place, this time and space,”

Eternal rest from the human race,”

St. Olav sleeps, his journey ends,

The heart is full, the soul transcends.


Thanks Sally for another great challenge.

Are you joining in?

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12 thoughts on “Phoneography and other Non- SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge – Nature”

  1. Amanda, love your post. Delighted that the links could be helpful. The first image combines the delicate and gentle wildflowers with a sweeping vista–very nice. Like your poem. Happy Photo Challenge.


    1. Thanks, Sally. I always appreciate your insightful comments and posts for this challenge. I think I have said this before, but it is worth repeating: I have learnt so much from your challenges.


  2. Trondheim looks beautiful through your photo, Amanda, and I enjoyed your poem, too. I like the way you set up your first photo, with the flowers dominating the front but the great view behind.



    1. I like to get something into the foreground if possible. To me, it gives the perspective that is needed to gauge the dimensions of the rest of the photo. Sometimes, though, it doesn’t work out and blurs…..
      Thanks for your comment, Janet.


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