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What DO Teens Worry About?

Having adolescents in the house can, at times, be challenging but fun. Unlike younger children, one is not always sure what they are thinking about.  But if the child is a female, there are a few common things they do worry about:

Tummy Fat BOYS what clothes to wear Tummy fat Strangers MORALITY Obligations Tummy-FAT Teachers Boyfriends SEX Relationships TUMMY FAT Being accepted Their looks TUMMY FAT Being included Going to Parties WHAT TO WEAR hair MONEY Tummy Fat BEING COOL pimples Calories Parents Getting a job TUMMY FAT Speaking in front of the class Being embarrassed Periods SCHOOL Exams Tummy fat FRIENDS

PHOTO_20140316_110005Basically anything and everything as well as

Tummy fat.

As much as one tries to foster a health body image

in all young girls, when adolescence hits, the peer pressure combined with social media and the print media present an overwhelming body of evidenceth at one needs to be “stick thin” to be happy.

Now we all know that obsessiveness about weight and body shape is anything but healthy, but how do we combat this tsunami of evidence in the minds of our teens?


  1. Be a positive role model – avoid missing meals or following fad diets
  2. Discourage commenting on girl’s looks if they are a bit over or underweight

  3. Do comment about girls intelligence, creativity, good nature and other features besides looks.

  4. Ensure meals are formed around the five food groups: the basics of good nutrition

  5. Encourage a healthy attitude towards exercise, particularly core strengthening exercises

  6. Love and accept them no matter who they are and what they do. This is so important for their self-esteem and for teens trying to find their place in the world.

  7. Seek help if you are concerned about compulsive eating or obsessive weight loss.

  8. Monitor the social media your teen uses but respect their privacy where necessary

  9. Be aware that boys can suffer with eating disorders and poor body image as well.

  10. Yoga practice (not Bikram) is a great way to relax and get in touch with a healthy body and healthy mind.


Teenager’s self image: Something to ponder about.

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