How to Choose a Movie?

Would you choose a movie that bore the title “The Woman in the Cage?

Or, “The Men Who Hate Women“?Watch The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo (2009) online

No, not likely?

Yet, It IS likely that you have seen at least one of these movies. They are both Scandinavian movies,  (successful at the box office), and  had their titles changed for releases in  English speaking parts of the world.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo had the original title in Swedish: “The Men Who Hate Women


Another recent Scandinavian movie, “The Keeper of Lost Causes,” was originally called:“The Woman in the Cage!
Why do you think it was changed? Is it integral for the movie’s success?

Would you investigate further by watching the trailer, or would the violent title put you off completely?

What do you think?

Something to Ponder About



5 thoughts on “How to Choose a Movie?”

  1. Yeah, I saw the title “Kvinden i buret” and was like “nope, no thanks.” I probably WOULD watch “The Keeper of Lost Causes” so marketing totally works, kids 🙂


      1. Yeah, it was the Danish poster. I said something like “I already have to put up with misogyny in my everyday life, I don’t want to watch a couple of hours more of it for entertainment,” to my boyfriend.
        But the other title, that sounds interesting.

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  2. Interesting of course. I’m usually put off by violent titles, but I might see the trailer just to know. I have seen “Män som hatar kvinnor”, and I simply love that trilogy. One of few where the films are maybe even better than the novels. I’m not into thrillers and such, but this one was very good. Noomi Rapace who’s the protagonist is brilliant.

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    1. Oh Anne Christine: I think Noomi did such a fantastic job. She made that movie more than just a movie made from a book. And I do agree: this was a movie where they successfully put most of the storyline into the book without any deficit being obvious. I wondered how they would fit all the story in, but they did it, and did it consummately. So the title (in Swedish) did little to dissuade people from choosing it. However, the fact that the book was hugely successful, meant that the film did not have to stand alone in gaining an audience. I think it is true that a violent title puts off certain sectors of the population, and, if that is a general truth, then I wonder why is the original title something a little more subdued?


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