Very Inspiring Blogs

Thank you to Scrapydodog for nominating me for this award. It is so lovely to think that someone has thought about who they deserve for an award like this.

Much appreciated.

The award carries the responsibility for nominating others. I would like to nominate the following blogs from my community, for the reasons that these blogs are some of the ones that sustain and inspire me, however, I place no expectation on them and it is entirely up to them if they pass on the award.


7 thoughts on “Very Inspiring Blogs”

    1. I was aware of your post in this regard, M.R. and your disdain for them. However, I felt it wrong to not include you in the list, for what would that say. You might have noticed that I did not link the blogs and there are no strings attached with my nominations….Just wanted to acknowledge you. I totally agree with you about the amount of work to link them all etc.


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