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Floral Friday –


Not in bloom at the moment, so it is nice to see them and remember…

Hobart, Tasmania


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      1. We can grow them as annuals but it doesn’t get cold enough over the winter for them to rebloom the following year. I often buy a bunch at the market though and place them in vases…tulips are so cheery!


    1. Thank you! This was an older photo before I knew anything about composition, so from memory, I was just trying to get as many tulips in the shot as possible. It was a huge bed of tulips in Hobart, Tasmania.


    1. Wow, that would be a sight to see. They are quite the exotic flower in my part of the world, so we only have them as cut flowers. I hope you share a photo of those roundabouts in bloom one day!


        1. I imagine that they would be very delicate. Funny though, as Holland is such a flat country; I would imagine that they would experience a fair bit of windy weather. I had a friend living there and she sent me the most marvellous photos of huge fields covered in tulips. Magnificient.


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