Book review

30 Day Book Challenge DAY 7

A guilty pleasure book

Strange Fits of Passion by Anita Shreve

Unusual choice for guilty pleasure? Yes, but perhaps this book has more to do with guilt, than pleasure. A journalist’s story of her experience with domestic violence and the re-telling by another journalist, 20 years later. There are several different perspectives in this book which assist in highlighting how each incident can, and might, be perceived differently, by different people. The book also makes the reader aware of the change in attitudes towards domestic violence that occur, with the march of  time.

The location the main character escapes to with her child is described brilliantly and 10 years on, I can still visualize the images I constructed in my head when I read that book, and it is for that reason it is today’s choice.

Despite the unpalatable subject matter, many of us have moments when we would like to run away and start a new life, unencumbered by the ghosts and anchors of the past. The  idyllic and somewhat isolated village of Maine, would be one that offers much needed security the character in this book was looking for.

The subject matter may be trite, and or tragic for some readers, but it is reality for some women and epitomizes not only the victim as helpless and sometimes being their own worst enemy, but the ‘truth’ as being relevant to the era in which it was spoken and who spoke it!

The analogy of the mess of manuscript strewn across the floor to me indicated that the story would be told differently, yet again.

Tomorrow: DAY 8. – Most underrated book

Something to Ponder About

5 thoughts on “30 Day Book Challenge DAY 7”

  1. Guilty pleasure ? – ALL the “Outlander” books (of which I’m currently listening to no. 5, I think).
    This is not my normal intake AT ALL; but it is simply irresistible !


        1. I have noticed that in many many novels, and that is why I tend to stick to the Scandinavian literature. Not that I don’t like bonking, I just don’t want to read about someone else’s exploits in explicit detail.!!!!!

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