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30 Day Book Challenge – Most Under-rated Book

Thunder God by Paul Watkins

Every publishing house and author wants to sell their books, so you can find glowingly positive reviews for the crappiest book out there. Personal reviews are sometimes more telling of the worth of the book, but again these could be skewed by individual idiosyncrasies. Even so, this book needs and deserves a little more promotion for readers of historical fiction.

Hakon was a young, Viking villager in the tenth century destined for an average life until he is lured out into the field by a ‘spirit’ one night and is struck by lightning. After that, he is apprenticed to a pagan priest, a position of prestige in his community. However, the village is soon raided by enemies and he is taken away as a slave.

Over the course of his life, he travels far and wide in the Viking, Roman and Byzantine World, learning their myths, legends and practices, both religious and civil, and the reader journeys through significant incidents in history (fictional or true), with Hakon. He is a loyal slave and eventually rises to a position of power along with his master (in the Varangian guard) and gains his freedom when his master dies returning home to some changes in his village.

This book may have shortcomings if you are looking purely for historical facts, but I liked the story and found it an absolutley fascinating walk through daily life in the Viking age.

Definitely an under-rated.

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