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30 Day Book Challenge- Favourite Classic Book

Day 11 – Great Expectations

Dicken’s 13th novel, and in my opinion, the best. This book has so much written about it and by more scholarly persons than me, so I will limit my commentary to those specific points that appealed to me.

I liked that the theme, that good prevails over evil, and the attempts by of a criminal to redress a crime and that government steps in to thwart his efforts: so lifelike! I like that colonial Australia is mentioned, rare in British novels, and the plight of those who came to our shores are highlighted, as are those in the poor conditions of the prison hulks.

I like the typically Dickensian character names: Pymblechook, Magwitch, Pip, Mr Jaggers, and Herbert Pocket.  In reality, I really dislike these kind of names, but in a book, that are fantastic triggers to the visual imagery.

Apparently, Dickens changed some of the final words Pip says to Estella, and there is much discussion on the net about this, so this also makes it interesting.

Made into a multitude of tele-series and movies, Great Expectations is my favourite classic book that was initially published in installments in a periodical.

Something Well Worth Pondering About

DAY 12. – A book you wanted to read for a long time but still haven’t.


3 thoughts on “30 Day Book Challenge- Favourite Classic Book”

  1. It took me several readings to really understand this book as a child. When I read it as an adult I really got it. I have watched the movies and miniseries but they really didn’t capture the atmosphere. Dickens wrote a lot about the Victorian attitude to charity and justice – like you said – people being sent to Australia for something like stealing a loaf of bread, not to mention the workhouses. That was what they considered charity – by sending to the penal colonies it was out of sight, out of mind.
    I must read it again. 😀

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