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Daily Post Photography Challenge – Achievement (Springbrook Waterfall)

The Gold Coast Hinterland isn’t that far away from metropolis, but rather is a area frequented by tourists who need a break from the hype of the beaches, shopping, surf and casino lifestyle that is the Gold Coast. So it was a complete surprise to me that we might get lost on a bush-walk with marked trails, but the Australia bush can be confusing, and we completed a 11 km trek instead of a 2 km stroll, all with an 8 year old tagging along!


We must have missed the sign pointing the way out, so we walked and walked, and, walked. We had to carry the 8 year old along the final 500 metres, when cajoling her with sweets and stopping by frequent rests and water breaks failed to work.


It wasn’t all torture, mind you, as you can see there are loads of things to see along the way, rock tunnels, birds and lizards, and it was refreshing to walk behind twin waterfalls and feel the spray on one’s face.


Lovely reward of a gorgeous view and a pretty rock pool, when we finally reached civilization again. An Achievement! More so, for the 8 year old.


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  1. That is quite the achievement! I remember our first 7k hike in Black Forest, Germany with our then 3 and 5 year old kids! Needed lot of sweets, bribes and carrying the younger one half the way. Great sense of achievement in the end 🙂 Love the pictures!


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