Eight Myths That Encourage Women to Stay in an Abusive Relationship

I encourage anyone in an abusive relationship to consider the content on this blog post and other posts. It might save a lot of heartache, wasted years and ultimately, your life. An important issue to ponder about.

6 thoughts on “Eight Myths That Encourage Women to Stay in an Abusive Relationship”

  1. Definitely something to ponder about, agreed. I’ve read way too many books about women being violated, seriously injured or even killed by their boyfriends/husbands. In most of these books the characters were made up but I think one should not underestimate the reality of these events. Many of these abusive men (at least in the stories) were ex-soldiers, police men and most of the time just very strong and unpredictable people. There was a book written by Nicholas Sparks (don’t get me wrong, I just felt guilty for seeing the film and not reading the book that it was based on so I had to) called ‘Save Haven’ which was about such a relationship. The main character, a young woman ran away from her husband, an alcoholic police man who had already broken her fingers and ribs because of simple mistakes or incidents like letting a bottle of wine fall and break or not making exactly what he wanted for dinner. In the book, this running away was already the third time she attempts to flee and finally succeeds after the husband has beaten her up again and now is on a three day trip. I don’t want to go too deep into the plot but the main thing I picked out of there is the “My husband abuses me but he’s a police man and the police trusts him so I cannot call them for help”-thing combined with live for the same person.
    It’s a problem I, fortunately have never faced and hopefully will not ever have to face but there are people, not only women but mostly, suffering from these relationships and if you know someone who’s being abused by the ones they love or if you are a victim of such crime yourself, you or they do bot have to be ashamed. This is crime and you or the person or anyone should do something about it.


    1. Thanks for joining this conversation too, Keatspeare. It is such an important issue, and I hope that the tide is turning against men who commit violence against women, due to ad campaigns in my country. It must be extremely difficult for women who have husbands in positions of authority. I consider woman bashers to be akin to paedophiles, in that they cannot ever be rehabilitated. It is something that is ingrained within the personality. They cross the boundary, so it is easy not to do so every again. But then there can be just as much damage from emotional or verbal abuse as well. I like that you have highlighted the additional problem of abuse of woman in literature. So many of the crime fiction books are stories of violence perpetrated against women. (Take Stieg Larsson: The Men who hate Women trilogy) as an example. Are these books raising awareness, de sensitizing us to violence against women, or benefiting from tasteless subject matter?

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      1. I totally agree but as I mentioned in my comment, not only women are suffering from violence even though the number of men is much smaller. So in my opinion gender equality is even more important.


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