Travel theme: Belonging

 Tvor’s Travels posted about ‘belonging’, in response to Ailsa’s travel prompt

You can belong to a group of people, or a family or each other. You can have possessions that belong to you. Things can belong together (One of these things is not like the others!)  and some things go together like cookies and milk or ice cream and summer!

How does it relate to travel? You can feel an affinity for a place, like you belong there or maybe you lived there in a former life.  It may be that you associate something iconic….

A sense of belonging is one of the most important things in life, and without it, we can feel pain, disorientation, loss, bewilderment, and isolation.

With these things in mind, I found a sense of unexpected belonging in my affinity for my ancestral homelands, in my travel experiences in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, and my final pic is just for fun!!

My ancestral home – Clasonsborg, Denmark

Special places I feel a sense of belonging:

and I feel a sense of belonging to these people:

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and finally, a different kind of belonging!! (Australiana)

IMG_20140921_095323Something to Ponder About

8 thoughts on “Travel theme: Belonging”

    1. Did you feel that too? It is very strange to think these ties transcend generations and moves to other places. Just goes to show that our sense of belonging is tied to intangible things as well as tangible!


      1. Yes, that’s true! Just standing in the room where I slept the first 5 years gave me goosebumps. Also driving around in the Netherlands was a life experience


        1. I had a goosbumps experience when I visited Sonder Felding for the first time (Denmark) and wen to the local arkives and the arkivist gave me a newspaper from the village published just one week before my arrival featuring the house when my ggg grandfather owned – the oldest house of the village. Because of the article, I was able to visit it and that is the photo of the yellow house you see in the gallery of my post. And the Netherlands had lots of connections to Denmark in years gone by, as well.


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