Thursday’s Special – Swarm



Hard to make out on the phone camera but swarm it is, more or less, of butterflies at the beach last weekend.
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6 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special – Swarm”

      1. 🙂 Amanda, you can participate with whatever you like. Thursday’s Special was conceived as an event where anybody can post anything (as long as it is a photo) whether colour, or B&W, whatever theme 🙂 In time, people found more fun and more challenging to just take me on my theme :), and then I tried to offer themes that can be easily interpreted. This one was “swarm” which is a difficult theme absolutely, just because I joined Photo 101 this month and this is what they set. As of the end of this month I will be appearing with my own themes. In case you are wondering next Thursday the theme is “double”. Have a nice day! It is nighttime where I am 🙂


        1. Good morning, Paula! Thanks for clarifying. It is nice to post one’s own choice, but equally nice to post similar themes, one gets a sense of a community, however temporary and transient. I will put on my thinking cap for double, but even if I can’t find a suitable photo for that, I will participate with something else. Looking forward! Good evening, Amanda


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