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Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone, But Not Forgotten

Two earthquakes in the 7.1- 7.4 range left Christchurch reeling, and the cathedral which had stood for 180 years, extensively damaged. These photos of Cathedral square were taken before the first big quake: September 2010.


Cathedral Square and the glorious bluestone University buildings – and Christchurch centre: Gone, but not forgotten. What wasn’t ruined by the quake, was damaged by flooding and “liquifaction.”


The old Norwegian club house – on Norwegian National Day celebrations. Gone, but not forgotten. The Norwegian club is still in existence but the clubhouse was sold, a sign of the times when the club cannot maintain a large enough membership base, to maintain the building.

Annual Syttende Mai parades, good norwegian mat, (food), friendship, dancing and flag waving is gone, but not forgotten. The upholding of a tradition, and cultural ways.

Traditions can go, but should never be forgotten, for that is a true historical tragedy.

Dansk dance and Norwegian club

Gone, But Not Forgotten

Something to Ponder About

14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone, But Not Forgotten”

  1. I also have seen Christchurch before and after the earthquake, so sad to see the devastation a good choice for gone but not forgotten. So many traditions are now disappearing also.

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    1. I so hope for the people of Christchurch that they can find a way to re-group. It was a city that I was contemplating settling down in, until….Sept 2010….Waht a difference two weeks can make….


  2. Lovely post and a fine entry for the challenge. I especially appreciate; “Traditions can go, but should never be forgotten, for that is a true historical tragedy.” How true, indeed!
    Ha en god helg og en fin 2. advent! 🙂 ❤


    1. Tak for din kommentar, Dina. I feel that so much precious knowledge has been lost over historical times, and sometimes we scramble to rediscover it. Traditions are a good way to preserve this kind of knowledge. Ha det fint advent ogsaa. 🙂


  3. Yes, so sad but we will never forget how it was. Same with traditions, they will always be with us. Beautiful display. I love the last one with the photo in the middle and the others around it!

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  4. I last saw the Christchurch cathedral 30 years ago and then again last year. The people are resilient and are slowly rebuilding their lives but still struggle with red tape etc. Someone went into the cathedral this week and took photos of it. Apart from being dangerous it showed just how life stopped when the earthquake struck. Thank you for showing these photos. 😀


    1. Is there a link to these photos, Raewyn? I would like to see them, as I am still shocked at what happened. It is good to know they are resilient. Just this week, a New Zealand production showed on TV here, a dramatisation of events.


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