One Four Photo Challenge – December Week 3

I loved the colours in the driftwood in the original photograph, shown in the previous One four Challenge post,  but really wanted to see where the effects could take this with my desktop photo editor.

One Four Challenge – Dec

This week I tried to alter this picture a little more. I cropped out the large black mass at the base of the photo and straightened it a little, then adjusted the contrasts and added a graduated tint to the top.


contrast gradtintcropped18dec

But it wasn’t that much different from last week, so I added an effect  and a frame for fun!


Quite dramatic I think! A ghostly effect, although I seemed to have created another dark mass at the base. Perhaps that is a task to adjust for next week?

A photography challenge to Ponder About



18 thoughts on “One Four Photo Challenge – December Week 3”

    1. aha! Yes, that is an apt description. Except that I live in Australia and we rarely see anything frozen! But thinking of you comment helps me feel a little cooler in this extreme summer heat we are having! Thanks!

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  1. Oh yes the crop is an improvement 🙂 Not really a fan of the treatment in this version, its gone a little too dark and too bright at those ends of the spectrum. Framing is a nice touch 🙂

    Look forward to next week!

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    1. I do feel it is too bright on some points, although I like the darkness, and I think that was the graduated tint??? Thanks for your tick on the framing. I think I will play around with contrasts and highlights a bit more and ditch the grad tint next time! I agree it is not a first choice effect but I think it has a place. Thanks for your comment.


    1. Oh, thank you for that lovely comment. I had fun changing it up a bit this week. And those were also my thought on the cropping, in response to a suggestion from last week’s participants to remove the black mass at the base of the photo.


  2. I like the frozen description too, but you are so right – not much freezes here like that 😜
    I like this treatment and there is a touch of the ‘ghostly’!A fun experiment with an amazing variety of tones from white through to the deepest tones and the many others in between. Fun!!

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