Photo Challenge – YELLOW

It is easy to find lots of yellow around you when you look hard enough. Daily Post’s Yellow photography challenge.

It is easy to find lots of Yellow around you when you look hard enough.

Such a happy colour –


More yellow flowers… Banksia… my favourite

Banksia Flower

Riverfire festival: Support the duck???

Family 2014 017-001

Yellow houses….

in New Zealand

To Akaroa.... a hidden diamond

and  in Denmark


Bees like yellow too……


I used the picsart app to embellish the final photo

PicsArt camera appJoin in with the Daily Post’s Yellow – Photography Challenge  and find some yellow in your environment.

Something to Ponder About

By Forestwood

Scandinavian culture, literature and traditions are close to Amanda's heart, even though she is an Australian. Travel broadens the mind, so Amanda travels whenever she can. She is an avid crime fiction reader, and enjoys travel photography, writing and a variety of crafts, and traditional art forms. Politically aware and egalitarian by nature, she has a strong environmental bent. Take a look and say hi!

24 replies on “Photo Challenge – YELLOW”

Apparently the big rubber duck travels the world. One blogger has seen it in Canada, another in Pennsylvania, another in Singapore , and another in Norway. Don’t know what it represents, but maybe just a well travelled duck.

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It really has more to do with the time of day or how bright the sunlight is. I usually get some extra white sharp reflections. If you look at the yellow teapot in my one photo you’ll see what I mean. I also think the sunlight here is very bright after 9 am up to late afternoon.


Yes, I do understand now. Perhaps your light is so bright due to the hole in the ozone layer???? I also have the intense light here, whereas where there is more cloud cover, it is easier. Funny how photographers need good light, but strong sunlight is just too much!


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