Professional Photography Critique

Otto von Münchow very generously offered a critique on my photography. It is so very rare to have a professional photographer give you ideas and suggestions based on his wealth of experience. I so appreciate it, and his comments are so very helpful and give me plenty of scope for ideas.

His blog Picture Critique is definitely worth a visit.

Firstly, the photographs I submitted to him:



Secondly what Otto wrote:

You captured the forces of a wave as it comes smashing in on the coastline at Mooloolaba, Australie. Of the two photos you show in the post, I find this one be the stronger. It has more depth, and plays with more elements. In the one I have chosen to comment on one can see the outline of a city in the background and I like the contrast between the two worlds. There is some tension between the forces of Mother Nature and the manmade world. You have captured the waves when it shows itself at its most powerful and the city in the background becomes very small in comparison. It would have dramatized the power and force of Mother Nature quite significantly if you had been able to come back and do the shooting when there are more thrilling clouds on the sky. As it is now, the sky is unfortunately empty and a little dull. Another element to think about when shooting a photo where the horizon is very dominant as in this case, is to make sure you have objects that cross the horizon and maybe more importantly that not all the «action» in the photograph takes place around the horizon. As you can see in this photo, the significant elements are mostly placed around the horizon; the city in the background, the breaking wave and the ocean with its white caps. By making sure you place elements spread across the frame, you create a more appealing and captivating composition. As I mentioned, it could be clouds in the sky – or birds flying by. In the foreground – on the rocks – it could be a special formed rock or plants or some animals – just as examples.


Definitely much to Ponder About

20 thoughts on “Professional Photography Critique”

  1. Makes sense! Shows how he knows exactly what to look for or wait for when taking a photo! That’s very professional isn’t it? I found Otto’s address on Leya’s blog and read through all of it!
    The first photo tells a better story than second one

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            1. Because of the heat outside we usually do more assortment of salads like, potato, carrot , beetroot, three bean salad and what ever you can use cold. The chicken and meat is also served cold. Usually fruit salad and ice cream as dessert.

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            2. Similar to the food here but a lot of people still hang on to British roast dinners, and swelter in the kitchen cooking and eating it. Lots of pavlova for dessert.


            3. Yes the same here! We also have a more religious way of treating the whole Christmas event. Going to church and be quiet and lovingly together. Not really about the “party” sort of stuff


  2. Interesting, isn’t it. And the way he explains and describes this is easy to understand. I have learned things here again! thank you for posting! i just wish his advice about coming back would be more realisable than it is. I seldom have the opportunity to return to the same place again. At least not the same year…Maybe a true professional photographer does – of course.

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    1. Yes, I had similar thoughts, especially re the clouds. We have so few here at times, that I would have to camp out at a location for weeks, or months sometimes to get clouds in the frame. Still, I guess where possible, we can return to the same spot at different times of the day and take a variety of angles. And of course, it can’t apply to holiday snaps!!

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  3. What a fine critique . I’ve loved reading others too. What a smashing wave you caught .. literally 😉 – dashing against those flat solid rocks !


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