One Four Challenge – Dec wk 4 – Polls

Final Week of the One Four Challenge for December – I invite you to vote for your preferred choice below.




Week 1

Week 1 graduated Tint and monochrome



Week 2

Lomo filter
Week 2 Lomo filter

Week 3

contrast gradtintcropped18dec
Week 3  (a) Contrast adjusted graduated tint and re-cropped and sharpened


Week 3 Photo (b) Additional colour inversion and frame, just for fun!



Week 4

Week 4

Trying to gain a new perspective of the object in week 4 and with my limited effects on the desktop PC Photo editor this was the result.

Join in and see more entries on Robyn’s blog

I’d very much appreciate your thoughts or feedback.

Something to Ponder About

10 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – Dec wk 4 – Polls”

  1. I had to vote for week 4, I feel that the crop really focuses in on a subject. Is it just me or does anyone else see a duck in the driftwood? I also like the oranges and greens you’ve color selected, nice job.


    1. Oh thank you for that insightful comment. I definitely see some kind of feathered creature in the wood, be that bird or duck. Interestingly, I saw this same piece of driftwood placed into a beach sculpture a month or so later nearby. No duck, though.


  2. I love what you did in week 4 with the different crop it works really well and gives an abstract feel to the image, but I prefer week 3a with the wider view of the driftwood. Looking forward to what you do next year.


  3. Hi Amanda – finally made it 😃
    One thing I really enjoy about this challenge is the wonderful variety we are ‘finding’.. and I do like the variety you have created in your image with the different versions.
    The crop really changes it up and yes I see a feathered something 😃
    If I had to choose a fave, I think Id vote for 3a.
    Happy New Year Amanda!!

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