One Four Challenge – January ( Bellagio) – Week 1



This Challenge is not only pretty easy to do: one photo, edited four different ways, but it is also pretty easy to learn many things, from good photographers, along the way.

Week 1 – cropped and lightened the image.  Straightened and cropped somewhat. This is a photo I could really get my teeth into editing.

Edited, straightened and shadows adjusted
Edited, straightened and shadows adjusted

That’s a bit better!!!! But I have lost a bit of the peephole effect.

Photograph taken with an aging Canon Power Shot, and adjusted via a Nexus 4 editing software – July 2014

Join in with the One Four Challenge and see more entries on Robyn’s blog

I’d very much appreciate your thoughts or feedback. I would really like the photo to highlight the patterns in the mountains, and keep the peephole effect.

Something to Ponder About


19 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – January ( Bellagio) – Week 1”

  1. Love the peephole effect here Amanda and the suggestion of movement by the large boat. To my eye the waterline could be straightened a bit more unless you intentionally wanted to keep the zigzag effect made by the straight lines. I realise this would also crop more off the roof lines and maybe destroy the peephole look. Just a thought 🙂


      1. Oh my goodness a phone screen, I can’t even take photos on my phone I generally shoot my foot or something else. It’s so small you’re doing very well.


        1. Oh, thanks,:-) The phone has some cool apps with which editing is easier. Otherwise, I wouldn’t even attempt it with the phone. When one doesn’t always have access to PS, the phone apps are an alternative.

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  2. Hi Amanda, Happy New Year!
    This image has such a holiday feel about it… so refreshing and I love all of those angles.
    I wonder if trying curves might bring those mountains out a little bit more.
    Sometimes using Linear Contrast withing Curves (PS) gives just a tiny bit of oomph, but not too much.
    You could also try levels or try clarity when you are treating your RAW image.
    Good luck – looking forward to the next round 😀


  3. Love the summery feel of this – but I feel it would look better better if the waterline was horizontal. Unless it was framed with a dark diagonal on the top right edge to complete the framing the 3 other diagonals have started…


    1. That is a whole new train of thought. I inadvertantly uploaded the original not the edited version, ( can’t see the darn thing on my small phone screen), without glasses, and thought to upload the correct version later. As it turns out, I have had the most wonderful suggestions from everyone, especially yourself, so I think it was a good thing I uploaded the wrong photo. Thanks for taking the time to help me.
      Cheers, Amanda


    2. I have now uploaded the correct edited version for week 1 of the Challenge. the horizon is straighter than before, I hope. I might experiment a bit with the diagonal suggestion. Thanks so much for your helpful advice.


  4. Hi Amanda, love the holiday feel to your image. May I suggest a couple of things – consider straightening the horizon line, as it leans a bit too much, and to bring out the mountains, may be tweak the highlights & shadows and saturation? Look forward to seeing the next edits! Chris


    1. Thank you Chris! I love your suggestions and had actually straightened the horizon already, but in my haste uploaded the original not the edited version for week 1. Will adjust asap when I am home later! Thanks again for the advice!

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  5. If you want to keep the peephole effect and bring out the mountains you may need to look at GIMP. I haven’t personally used it but hear from others that it has tools like Lightroom, and it is free. In Lightroom you can very the exposure, clarity, highlights…etc in a selected area of the image and I am pretty sure you can do this in GIMP too. In Lightroom it is called the adjustment brush. The more I use that tool, the more power I see in it! You could probably get this effect with the radial filter (Lightroom name) too, just would have to play a bit with it.
    I could also see this image as a painting too, there are some great colors in your foreground with those plants that would add a beautiful flair to a painted effect, lots of free programs out there to to this too. Including FotoSketcher.
    Interesting image, lots of potential, enjoy the month!


    1. Thanks ever so much for taking the time to write such a detailed comment and assist me in my photography. I willl definitely try your suggestions, particulary with the filters and brushes. It sounds exactly what I want.
      And the thought of it being a painting: now that you say that, I can see it. I might even be tempted to do such a painting myself, as I have those kinds of brushes and paints here too! The next few weeks in this challenge sound very exciting.

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      1. Hi Amanda, oh, I am so glad! You are very welcome. This is why I love this challenge! I meet great people and we get to share trade tips 🙂 So cool! Go for it, it what ever direction you are moved, I can’t wait to see where this image takes you! Enjoy!!

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