Monday Mystery Photo – Supplementary photos

It is difficult to spot anything under a layer of white snow, especially when it comes to  geography, so I have added a supplementary photo to assist with the identification of this week’s Monday Mystery photograph.

I encourage you to leave a comment if you think you know where this week’s mystery photo was taken. If you guess correctly, I will credit you the following week and post a link to your site/blog.

Where in the World are the following photos taken? Can you guess?

Monday Mystery Jan 12


Something to Ponder About



5 thoughts on “Monday Mystery Photo – Supplementary photos

    1. Correct you are!!! Well done!! I originally posted the third photo, Pam, but it was a bit too non-specific so I thought the supplementaries might help! And so they did. Have you been there yourself?


    2. We were there in October and my husband took a picture of the five buildings, the church, and a little bit of the river, with the mountains in the background. There was no snow. Did you take the Mystery Photo?

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